During his youth he led a worldly life, a life of films and friends, he was far away from the love of god. After college in the year 1996 his father established a business for him which was going well. He saw his hands full of money and had lot of friends around him started drifting away from God. Due to his worldly life he went through lots of hardship, failures, financial crunch and was in debt neck deep with no one to support or guide him. He wanted to put an end to all these problems by committing suicide many times. Under such circumstance the Lord Jesus Christ touched him and poured out his love for him in the end of 1999. After that God talked to him through various servants and prophets of god to surrender his life to god, which he obeyed humbly.

Slowly things started changing, lord blessed the business, It started growing well. In the year 2005 April, Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Blessing Stanly and his wife Mrs. Stella Blessing Stanly, were anointed by the holy spirit in the power ministry camp conducted by Rev. Dr. D.G.S. Dinakaran and all his debts was gone. Lord blessed him abundantly. At the same time God called him to do his ministry, he at once obeyed lord’s calling and left everything and came forward to do the lord’s ministry full time in Feb 2007.

He and his wife dedicated themselves to fulltime ministry. After 8 years of marriage God has blessed them with a beautiful baby boy on October 2010 and was named Graceson Blessing. Rt. Rev. Dr. J. Blessing Stanly did his M.Th (Master of Theology) and Phd. from International Bible College at Chennai. Lord Jesus Christ anointed him, more and more with all the nine gifts of the Holy Spirit, to spread the love of Jesus Christ to all broken hearted, demon possessed, sick, frustrated, lonely and desperate people around the world.